See another side of Rotary in a new electronic publication, Rotary International Interactive.
11 September 2006

Each month, experience the mission and fellowship of Rotarians and young adults involved in programs such as Rotaract, Interact, and Ambassadorial Scholarships.

Interactive premieres with the September issue, which focuses on the longstanding Rotary priorities of literacy and education.

The publication goes beyond words to tell Rotary's story using photo essays, videos, and other media. In the first issue, a narrated photo essay depicts a woman in Turkey who was born without arms and learned to read and write at age 18 through a Rotary program. Other articles feature Rotarians in Ohio who encourage the children of migrant workers to read as well as Rotaractors in Kentucky who tutor grade-school students. If you're wondering how to start a literacy project or want to take your current project to the next level, you can e-mail a literacy expert for advice. In the September issue, you'll also find a profile of Rotary's Indiana Jones, a Rotarian whose job as an archeologist takes him far and wide in search of answers about the mysteries of ancient religions.

In every issue of Interactive, you'll be able to read advice from the RI president and send in your own questions, which you might see answered in upcoming issues. And don't miss some of Rotary's Hollywood connections in Interactive's Celebrity Corner.

Delve deeper into the many sides of Rotary by getting Interactive e-mailed to you or by reading it online now. In mid-October, look for the next issue, which will spotlight disaster relief.

Check it out here.

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