Posted by Robert Lotmore on Sep 15, 2017
Notes for “The Axis” RCEN meeting of September 15, 2017
Call to Order:
With a “happy to see you all” after last weeks’ day off, thanks to Horrible Hurricane Irma, President Hope called the meeting to order.
Naughty at the Mike gave thanks for the grub.
The Queen followed by another to theCommonwealth of The Bahamas.
Rotarian Visitors:
President Hope interrupted Amol, who was in the middle of a lengthy hurricane story, to read the list of visitors.  There were none in the book but Ashton Moxey was there from Southeast Club along with a few others, but due to the confusion they have remained nameless
Member Guests
There were guests introduced by Phil who had his favourite Aliv Golf sponsor.  Brock, John Joseph and Taran also had guests
Visitors and guests were warmly welcomed.
Sergeant at Arms:
Heavily Medicated & Very Famous PP Adam gave us light entertainment today including a “welcome back” fine for Mr. Fox Hill Run, John Joseph, a “that’s not how its done” fine for Brock who allowed his guest to buy him red wine, “late again” fines for a long list that included Iona, Brent, Candice, Zoltan, Kenrad& Tanya amongst others.  A Little Johnny joke fell flat when we learned that his teacher had a drinking problem and the Politically Incorrect Bus Driver joke had a crushing ending.
Member Birthdays:
With your celebration donation supportEast Nassau Rotary Club Charitable Trust
DushinkaClaridge                Kristy Kemp             Dianne Miller
Spouses Birthdays:
Jamaal’s Ashlee                  Lindsey’s Lesley
Wedding Anniversaries
None this week
Membership Anniversaries:
Constance Gibson 2 yrs.                Fintan Mooney 10 yrs.       
The Fox Hill Run has some new and interesting beneficiaries for those who have not been on the route for some time.  Get out and meet them.
Next week there will be a Potcake Triathlon, Google it for details as I did not get them.
Guest Speaker
PP Clifford introduced Andy and Nancy Knowles who came to speak and update us on the “Let’s Swim Bahamas” program.  It is always easy to listen to speakers who have a passion for what they are doing.  Andy began actively swimming as a 5 year old and during the more than 55 years that followed he has been involved as a competitor and coach all over the world.  He and Nancy began the Swift Swim Club in 1990, has written a Water Safety and while in Sidney, Australia was inspired to begin “Let’s Swim Bahamas”that is now established as a Foundation.  Their aim is to have “learn to swim programs” in all Government Schools.  “Swim” is now in all Gov. Primary Schools and has good dialogue with the Ministry of Education.  Andy and Nancy have a 10 yeartimetable to complete their plan.  With 40 active volunteers, and some coaches who receive a small stipend, they are working on a structure that will ensure that the “Swim” organisation will continue to be strong even after they have retired. 
Vote of Thanks
Llewellyn Burrows opened his vote of thanks by noting with amazement the large number of persons who cannot swim despite living on a small island.  President Hope showed the Club’s appreciation for the hard work of Andy and Nancy by making a contribution of $1,500 to Let’s Swim Bahamas
Final Toast To
Rotary Around The World
Editor,Little Robbie