Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair-elect Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar outlined four goals for the 2010-11 Rotary year: PolioPlus, implementing the Future Vision pilot, rebuilding the Annual Programs Fund through Every Rotarian, Every Year, and continuing to build the Permanent Fund

"Polio eradication has been, is, and will remain our top priority until the job is done," he declared at the fourth plenary session of the 2010 International Assembly.

In addition to high-profile donors such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 39 governments have contributed to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, and their money constitutes the majority of the funding to end the disease.

Stenhammar explained the importance of partnering with other organizations and implementing the Future Vision pilot to keep pace with the changing environment of global service.

"Cooperation with other organizations is today the future for many entities, and The Rotary Foundation must not miss getting onboard that train," he said. "It is extremely important that all districts, pilot or not, stay aware of the evolution of the Future Vision Plan and start looking for ways to align your projects and activities with its goals and the six areas of focus as soon as possible."

He also encouraged all Rotarians to reexamine their annual contributions to the Foundation.

"Only 25 percent of Rotarians are giving to our Foundation -- 75 percent are not. Think about what it could mean if we could alter those numbers or have 100 percent of Rotarians become donors," he told district governors-elect.

Rotarians are encouraged to give at least US$100 every year to the Annual Programs Fund through the Every Rotarian, Every Year initiative and to support the Foundation's Permanent Fund.

"If we get that support from you, we can bridge over this difficult time, and The Rotary Foundation will remain sound and healthy," Stenhammar concluded.