The club of the month for Foundation month :


The Rotary Club of East Nassau acknowledges November as Foundation Month but continues to work all year through in support of the Rotary Foundation.

- Working on improving our contribution we increased our APF contributions year on year from $45,950 to $52,620. Our Sustaining membership grew from 86 to 93 (2008-2009 compared 2009-2010)
- One of members has just donated $100,000 towards the Haiti Cholera fight.
- Our club is organizing a Rotary Bed Race for Polio that we have opened up to all the other Rotary clubs, Inner Wheel and Rotaract clubs to raise funds specifically for Polio Plus.
- Proceeds from our Halloween Party raised approximately $3,000 for Polio Plus which was our goal for the year.
- Proceeds of the sale of our Christmas cards go towards Polio Plus.
- Masqued silent auction will have some of its proceeds allocated to
- We were successful in applying for a matching grant $45,000 to purchase a ventilator for the Public Hospital
- District Foundation Director, Lindsey Cancino will make a presentation on the Foundation at our Friday, 3 December meeting.
- We promoted Rotary Scholarships at Career Fair held for secondary school students
- Our Interact clubs have organized a coin collection for Polio.
- Collection of coin at the Mall of Marathon is donated to Polio Plus
- Fines will be donated to Foundation at December 10 meeting which will feature a talk by Peter Bates about the Jaipur Limb programme for Haiti.
- DSG application was successful and used a Literacy Program for at TG Glover primary school.
- We are very fortunate to have Foundation District Leadership in our club in the form of Murray Forde & Lindsey Cancino who are an invaluable sources of information and motivation.
- At the 2 for 1 club donation to mark Polio Day our members contributed $9,000+ to the Foundation.
- The 2 for 1 appeal was the Rotary Minute and the ‘so close’ were distributed to the membership
- Rotaract Club of East Nassau will contribute $500 to disaster relief in St. Lucia.
- To date we have exceed our Annual Programs Fund Goals of $44,000