Call to Order:  President Phil
Invocation: Keith Sands
Visiting Rotarians: This week we had the pleasure of AG Karen Pinder, PP Harry Kemp from West Nassau, Adrian Forsythe from East Nassau Rotaract and Barbara Ernie from Georgia. Barbara told us that she was from a small club that met near the mountains of Georgia and despite their size they were able to provide many scholarships.
Sgt. at Arms: IPP Geoff Andrews, happy to be back at the podium, started out at the Pearly Gates and ended up counting ‘1234’ in the bedroom. Fines issued for latecomers and pinless Rotarians.
Member Birthdays: 
Brown Robert                               Oct 1
Joseph John                                 Oct 9
Wedding Anniversaries
Pinder Michael and Judy              Oct 2    9 years
Lotmore Robert and Deborah       Oct 3    21 years
Andrews Phil and Silvinia             Oct 5    22 years
Club Anniversaries
Bischoff Carol                               Oct 7   2 years
Inductions: The Club welcomes Kristy Kemp sponsored by John Robertson and Karen Smollet sponsored by Jonathan Pinder.
-President Phil thanked Dino Mosko for fixing the gavel and Rotary Charter.
-Reminder of BED RACE for POLIO on Saturday Oct 5. Judging of beds at 11am (see photo album at the end of this Axis).
-Inner Wheel ‘Pretty in Pink Party’ Event at John Bull Store on Bay Street Oct 16, 6pm-8pm.
-Barry Rassin announced that he and Esther will be the AIDES to The PRESIDENT of ROTARY INTERNATIONAL. CONGRATULATIONS Barry and Esther! We still remain very unclear as to your duties.
Guest Speaker: MAGAN TROTTIER of Toronto, Canada, was introduced by Elmer Lowe. She is a Board Certified Genetic Counselor with the Bahamas Breast Cancer Initiative Foundation. She has a Masters degree in genetic counseling from the University of Toronto.
The Bahamas Breast Cancer Initiative Foundation (BBCIF) is a public-private partnership that was formed in Nassau, The Bahamas, in April 2008. The Bahamas Breast Cancer Initiative sprung from the observations, commitment and dedication of The US Embassy, a group of Bahamian, American and Canadian Professionals, Medical Oncologists, Radiologists, and Survivors, united in their determination to improve breast cancer care in The Bahamas.
The missions of the BBCIF is to
-Increase awareness about breast cancer and early detection through continuous public education and programs encouraging good diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.
-Promote early detection of breast cancer by advocating mammograms, clinical breast examinations and monthly breast self-exams.
-Establish National guidelines for breast cancer screening in The Bahamas recommended by the Ministry of Health.
-Create a Patient Navigation Program tailored to the needs of The Bahamian women which will assist them in receiving proper treatment and care.
-Conduct medical research and translate results into breast cancer treatment and protection for the benefit of all Bahamian women.
The current BBCIF program offers genetic testing and counseling to all newly diagnosed women with breast cancer and ovarian cancer in The Bahamas. In addition, testing is offered to unaffected relatives of women who are found to carry a mutation in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene. Ongoing studies are designed to determine the risk of hereditary breast cancer in women in the Bahamian population.
Research has shown:
-48% of the women diagnosed with breast cancer in The Bahamas are under the age of 50.
-20% of the women diagnosed with breast cancer in The Bahamas are under the age of 40.
-42 is the average age of the women diagnosed with breast cancer in The Bahamas.
-44% of the women diagnosed with breast cancer in the Bahamas present with late Stage 3 or late stage 4 breast cancer.
The mutations of the BRACA1 and BRACA2 genes seem to be more prevalent in Eleuthera, Grand Bahama,
Abaco, Andros, Cat Island and Exuma.
As a result of the partnerships, gene testing costs have come down considerably but the results still take 6-9 months. More information can be found on their website at
Vote of Thanks:  JR Bosclair on behalf of the Rotarians and visitors
Adjournment: Pres. Phil ended the meeting with the toast to RATW.