Unfortunately a recent e-mail scam, and some other forms of Internet fraud, have been targeting Rotarians and misusing Rotary information.

26 June 2007

The latest e-mail scam, brought to RI's attention by Rotarians who received the messages, is an e-mail that falsely claims to be from the International Computer Users Fellowship of Rotarians. The sender of these e-mails claims that the recipients won a raffle and that all winners are asked to donate 10 percent of their prize to a Rotary project. It also claims the best project will receive a prize from The Rotary Foundation.

RI is aware of these schemes and encourages Rotarians to be vigilant about deleting any e-mail that appears suspicious. Rotary International does not solicit funds via e-mail, nor does it request that personal information be updated via e-mail or other electronic means.


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