Axis for the meeting of March 6, 2015
The meeting was called to order at 1pm by Diane Dewitt who was standing in for President Elmer who was in Grand Cayman.
The invocation was ably rendered by Gary Sweeting.
Visiting Rotarians list was read by new Rotarian Nadia Stubbs and they included our Guest speaker Eric Busha Clarke, Karen Pinder, Taran Mackey, Puppy Robinson, Tiffany Smith. PP Robert Brown had ENRCF foundation recipient Kyle Oliver as his guest.  Kristi Kemp had a guest too.
Sergeant Franny deCardenas congratulated BWA'sJason and John Robertson for the opening of their new location on Carmichael Road. He fined Eric 'Busha' Clarke because he looked like Jamaican Mafia and Sir Durward got a special mention because March 6 marked 48 years as a Rotarian in RCEN.
Acting President Diane Dewitt very ably inducted Wendy Sneff who was proposed by David Allen. Wendy is a lawyer now but she once played a role opposite Christopher 'Superman' Reeve at Cornell University.
Corinne came up to remind us about the Spring concert on March 14 at Watling's Distillery and March 15 at the Kirk.There will also be fantastic silent auction and grand raffle on Saturday that you don't want to miss. Tickets for March 14 are $35 and $50 and include a free drink; March15 tickets are $20.
PP Adam updated us on Paul Cartwright who had heart surgery to unblock three arteries to his heart. But he's recovering well because he called Adam to find out who was sitting in his chair and who was going to work at the Seahorse Institute on the weekend. Dave Lakin tried to get answers to that question by asking for volunteers to come and paint on Sunday.
A rather hoarse AG Karen Pinder came to offer her congratulations on RCEN for winning Club of the Month for November, Foundation Month, for the fifth time in succession. She also reminded us about Rotaract East Nassau's 'Captured', their fundraiser for Unity House on East Street South. And while she had the mic, our club was invited to Sunrise's Rotareats  on March 21. Tickets are $75 per person and include a3-course meal, drinks, fellowship and transportation.
Also on Saturday, March 21 from 12 noon to 6pm is Murray's Other Club - Antique Auto Club's Steakout ($15), at Arawak Cay. proceeds go to the Mission Home in Cat Island.
Richard Pyfrom came up to solicit business cards to fill his champagne ice bucket for the Tuna programme. Business cards are $100 each. The Tuna Tournament is set for June5&6.
President 'Puppy' East Nassau Rotaract also invited the club to post bail of $500 for convicts (RCEN's Khalil Parker and Karen Pinder) JJ McKenzie's dog was going for $250. They made $6,000 at the event.
Lindsey Cancino thanked the club for their contribution to the Rotary Foundation and asked Barry to present a Major Donor Level 1 Crystal and diamond pin to Terry Mosko for his donation. Barry then asked Terry, sotto voce, to ask others to donate as a Major Donor. Terry promptly did, but only because Barry had asked him to.
Barry introduced our Guest speaker Eric 'Busha da Jamaican mafia' who is also the 2015 District Conference chair for Jamaica. Eric was on the last leg of a tour of Cayman and Bahamian clubs to extend a personal invitation to Rotarians to attend the conference that will be held at Half-Moon Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica,from May 12-16.
Registration is US$200 before March 31 at and they have negotiated a room rate of $175 per night double occupancy in villas close to the conference rooms. They are expecting 700 attendees and the rooms are going fast. RCEN has already filled up one villa. Schedule of events include Wednesday - assembly; Thursday- opening ceremony and home hospitality; Friday - Dr Paul's Party, Party, Party and Saturday is the golf tournament then the gala banquet. But through all the socializing there is no better time to fellowship with other Rotarians, exchange ideas, make plans for bettering our communities and forge new friendships.
Eric was thanked by Lindsey.
AP Diane toasted Rotary Around the World.
Joanne Smith