Notes for “The Axis” RCEN meeting of February 27th, 2015
Call to Order:
President Elmer called the meeting to order.
Nadia Stubbs gave the invocation.
To our Queen and to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.
Visiting Rotarians:
Jean-Marc Fellay read the visitors incl. PP Joan Pinder,PP Tarran Mackay and Richard Rolle.
Honorary Members:
None today
Member Guests
There were only 2 guests today, one of which was Zoltan’s son.
None today.
Sergeant at Arms:
PP Brian Moodie stepped up with the usual mild welcome - he has now recovered from his accident in January. He tried a joke from the Sergeant’s joke book but it didn’t work ….so he distracted us by asking Denzil to move tables as he was late (surprise) and sitting on his own. He then milked applause for his 18yrs membership, as he was absent that week. Brian finally tried another joke with accents …the Sean Connery was very good … and won the meeting round !
Member Birthdays:
(Make checks payable to:  EAST NASSAU ROTARY CLUB FOUNDATION, $2/yr)
Jeff Albury and Brian Hassan.
Partner Birthdays:
SilvinaAndrews(Phil), and Bernadette Thornley (Graham).
Wedding Anniversaries:
Membership Join Dates:
John Joseph, 2 yrs
Lindsey Cancino, 25 yrs
Paul Cartwright, 21 yrs
David Lakin requested help for the continuing playground renovation project at the Seahorse Institute on Soldier Rd on Sunday 8-12am.There is excellent progress, and we are in the painting phase now so all welcome particularly the ladies !
Joanne Smith gave a reminder for the next musical concert at John Watlings distillery on March 14th, including a silent auction. Funds are for the RCEN Foundation for another 3 scholarships. $35/$50 tickets.
JP announced the make-up get together at the Rum Festival on Saturday at 4pm – to meet Jeff Mitchell and watch him serve drinks !
Tiffany Smith reminded us of the upcoming Rotaract ‘Bail out’ fundraiser on March 7th at Pirates Pub – various Rotarians and celebrities will be jailed requiring $500 each bail money. Money raised is for a new bus for Unity House.
Terry Mosko gave a big ‘thank you’ to all Rotarians who had given blood to Doctors Hospital following a request for his wife – there was even a donation from a club in Eleuthera. His wife is recovering slowly but surely.
New Members:
Stacy Lubin-Gray introduced a new member Ian Reid (VP Food & Beverage Atlantis) and he was warmly welcomed. Look forward to his input to the Hamburger van ….
Speaker for the day:
PP Phil Cumming introduced Dr Kim Scriven who is a fully qualified speech therapist and audiologist. Phil worked with her closely last year, selecting 14 children to be helped. The audiology and speech clinic is based in Doctors Hospital and provides hearing implants and aids. RCEN has been providing annual donations since 2006 – through the Gift of Hearing scheme.
This practice is required due to the lack of support provided by the government social services, but there is a real need for children with hearing impairment. Since the clinic began there have been 120 Bahamian children given new life with the hearing aids. 80% can join normal school, with the remaining 20% still requiring special schooling.
Lack of hearing stunts the ability to communicate, and once the hearing is restored it empowers the children to cope, adapt and manage their disability to achieve their full potential. A heart-warming video was shown which filmed parents and children explaining the challenges/frustrations/treatment/life changes they go through. The impact of restoring hearing is truly amazing and, as Elmer emphasised, RCEN should be proud of supporting such a great cause helping so many children.
Vote of Thanks:
Hope Sealey gave thanks to Kim and captured the meeting’s admiration of her work.
Final Toast To
Editor John Palmer