Notes for “The Axis” RCEN meeting of February 20th, 2014
Call to Order:
With a little music in his ear, President Elmer got started with what he promised would be a spectacular meeting.
President Elmer brought to our attention the new banner on display recognising that Rotary is now 110 years young.  PP Joanne happily accepted a prize for being the first to get the answer to his question.
Robert Jagger blessed the food and had the scribe been paying attention he would have heard what was said about sinners.
To The Queen and then to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas
Rotarian & Rotaract Visitors:
Jaques Christofilis read the list that included Jack Fleming from Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.  Also with us was the New Providence Club President and Michael Knowles, Bianco from Rotaract and one from the Sunrise Club.
Honorary Members:
There were none today.
Member Guests
Gary, Mike, Stacy and Mr. Rotary Rassin had guests today.
All were given a big round of applause.
New Member
Stacy Lubin-Gray introduced our newest member, Nadia Stubbs.  Nadia studied Psycology at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania.  She subsequently obtained a Masters Degree that helped her rise to the position of Asst. Director of Process Improvement, Food & Beverage at Atlantis.  Nadia plays flag football to help her keep fit and she is looking forward to giving service to the community as a member of our club.  Welcome Nadia.
We got a banner today from Etobicoke Club member Jack, who was impressed by our size and our high spirits.
Sergeant at Arms:
President Elmer asked us to give Sergeant Adam a “how do you feel about our Sergeant welcome”.  I can only presume that most of us didn’t hear the President because the welcome was a little flat.  Undeterred, Adam fined Denzel for being early, others for being late and more for lacking a pin.  To ensure that in the future we express out true feelings, Adam gave us the female definitions of, Fine, Nothing, Go Ahead, Whatever & Wow.  I think I know the gender of those who may be happy to see Sergeant Adam the next time he appears at the podium.
Member Birthdays:
Stuart Tavares & Donald Tomlinson owe the Foundation a bit of cash
Spouses Birthdays:
None this week
Wedding Anniversaries:
None this week
George Simon, 1 yr.             George Cox, 36 yrs.
Warren Rolle 3 yrs.              Uli Voges, 3 yrs.
Bob MacDonald, 5 yrs.
Sir Durward told us about the origins of the One Bahamas Celebration that he began along with Algernon Allen.
Mayuri told us about a COB Symposium, to discuss Festival Art and Carnival that will have happened by the time you read this.
Kahlil said the Rotaract is going to capture him for an upcoming fundraiser to be held at Pirates on March 7th.  He will be calling on all to raise fund to set him free.
Richard Pyfrom told how you could participate in the upcoming fishing tournament without owning a boat.  Let him know if you are interested.
Speaker for the day:
Not a speaker but deliverer of a long announcement was Rabbi Sholom Bluming who told us about “An Evening With Dan Alon”.  Mr. Alon is a survivor of the 1972 Munich Olympics terrorist massacre and will be in Nassau March 10th to tell his story at the Melia Hotel 6:00 pm.
PP Joanne introduced our main speaker, Nikita Shiel-Rolle.  Nikita was a beneficiary of the East Nassau Rotary Club Foundation.  Based on her presentation the money was very well invested.  She told us about Young Marine Explorers which focuses on Environmental Sustainability & Active Citizenship. Nikita packed a lot into her presentation and it not possible to summarize it in a few lines.  For more see the website at
YME is having a positive effect on the lives of young persons who may be struggling in our school system.  These youngsters form a part what is a large underserved population that have poor problem solving skills.  She noted that they will some day make up the largest part of our voting population.  Through field trips she educates, inspires and builds leadership skills while creating environmentally conscious citizens.  She has also formed a partnership with Miami Dade College to further enhance the program.  
Vote of Thanks:
Given by Brent Symonette
Final Toast To
Editor Little Robbie