Notes for “The Axis” RCEN meeting of April 24th, 2015
Call to Order:
President Elmer called to order this meeting of “The Best Rotary Club in The Bahamas and quite possibly the world”.
The Pres. thanked Jean-Marc and Bob for hosting the board meeting last night.  All looked quite clear eyed so they must have had a short meeting and got home early.  Or maybe they took the day off and slept in.
PP Joanne Smith stated that we were truly thankful for the food… Amen.
To The Queen and then to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas
Rotarian & Rotaract Visitors:
Nadia introduced those visiting today including Rotaract District rep Alicia and other Rotaract members.  Also with us was Ivan from the Southeast Club.
Honorary Members:
There were none today.
Member Guests
There were none
All were given a big round of applause.
None today.
New Member
Hope Sealey introduced our newest member Rekel Griffin.  Rekel is a Manager at Commonwealth Bank having prior business experience as a civil servant and in private industry with Esso, IBM and Scotia Bank.  She was described as a great fundraiser and we look forward to hearing her “who am I talk” when we will hear of her Life Altering Moment.  Our President presented Rekel with a shiny new spatula as a reminder that she will be working the Hamburger Van frequently.
Sergeant at Arms:
PP Geoff congratulated new member Adrian White for an excellent first time as Sergeant last week.  I think PP Geoff went against protocol when he fined his fellow sergeant.  The sergeant then went on a laughing roll with stories about a male blond, Ice Cream men in a parking lot and a jockey who needed help using a urinal.
Member Birthdays:
Marty Weinberg
Spouses Birthdays:
Roland Knowles’s  RudeeAnn                 Eddie Gardner’s Paula      
Wedding Anniversaries:
Hope & Anton Sealey, 115 yrs.  Please confirm this number Mr. Secretary
John & Susan Robertson, 42 yrs.
Roland & RudeeAnn Knowles, 16 yrs.
Tanya Carey, 1 yrs.              Jack Christofilis, 2 yrs.        Mike Russell, 4 yrs.
PP Sidney “Tooth Fairy” Sweeting is doing well after a bit of a scare and is now at home.
PAG Lindsey informed that today’s sergeants take and fines would be given to the End Polio Now, World Greatest Meal campaign in honour and memory of Ramesh Manek, PP of the R.C. of Sint Maarten-Mid Isle who tragically died this past week.
The club attendance rate is pathetically low at 76 – 80% and is not in keeping with award winning performance of past years.  It’s easy to make up and simple to inform when done by sending an email to
Alicia, the Rotaract District Representative is from Sint Maarten has been super active having visited 43 of the 53 district clubs.  Past East Nassau Rotaract President Taran has been the perfect host during her visit to the Bahamas.  Alicia commented how she really enjoyed the spirit and size of our club.
For those with Red Dots don’t forget the Fox Hill Run every other week on a Saturday morning.
RLI is being held this weekend.  Attend and learn more about Rotary
The Pres. told of Rotary Clubs in The Bahamas embarking on a “Cure the violence programme” that will run for 3 to 5 yrs.  We will be hearing a lot more.
Rotary Clubs of The Bahamas party tonight at Bullion
Softball against Rotaract Sunday at St. Andrews School
Speaker for the day:
Adrian White introduced our speaker today who was Nick Dean.  Nick is a Civil Engineer by trade and an entrepreneur by nature.  He is the owner of a very successful engineering company and somehow finds time to be involved in the community.  The project that he is presently very active with is the Moore’s Island Student Athlete Program.  Despite its tiny population and rough conditions, many of our country’s best sprinters come from this island that is just off Abaco.  Coach Anthony Williams and his wife house, feed, train and mentor up to 15 your men in their home.  Nick has formed a committee that will raise funds to build and manage a proper dormitory and training facility for Moore’s Island that will also facilitate a better education for the young men with a goal of obtaining more athletic scholarships.
Vote of Thanks:
Robert Jagger thanked Nick Dean who was a very inspirational speaker.
Final Toast To
Editor Little Robbie