Why giving to the Foundation is hope in action.

Giving is hope in action

Luis Giay
Luis Vicente Giay

April 2007

Dear family of Rotary,

No matter where you live, you need not look very far to see suffering children who are dying of hunger and disease. Their images are in the news, in magazines, and often in our communities.

In so many countries, children and their families have no choice but to drink water contaminated with human and animal waste. It's their only available drinking water. Other children go for days without even a spoonful of food to sustain their lives â¿¢ their swollen bellies proof of the malnutrition consuming their tiny bodies. Many children who live beyond five years of age might finally be honored by being given a name in their village because they proved they are worthy of one â¿¢ because they survived.

Children don't have to die from hunger and thirst when a simple Matching Grant can work so many wonders. A bore well or water filter can help provide safe, clean drinking water. The introduction of an agricultural program or fish farm can provide seed and fish stock to feed a village. It simply takes Rotarian volunteer time to identify areas where crises exist. Partnering with your fellow Rotarians from different countries on a Matching Grant makes a difference to children throughout the world.

Children who grow up strong and healthy can give something back to their communities and make our world a better place. One day, that child might even become a Rotary World Peace Fellow or a Rotarian and continue the good works that you started.

It all happens with generous contributions to our Rotary Foundation from Every Rotarian, Every Year. This Rotary year, our Annual Programs Fund worldwide goal is US$120 million, which translates to a mere $100 per Rotarian. It's not much to ask from Rotarians who have been blessed with opportunity, heart, and hope and joined this organization to put Service Above Self.

My friends, we need to continue our important work. When each of us takes the Every Rotarian, Every Year message into our hearts, there isn't anything that our Rotary Foundation can't accomplish. Please work with me to accomplish our $120 million goal. Your gift is hope in action.
Thank you!

Luis Vicente Giay
Trustee Chair, The Rotary Foundation, 2006-07