The East Nassau Rotary Club Foundation was established in 1995 to help achieve nationwide understanding and peace through humanitarian, educational and cultural exchange programmes.

Based on the principle that charity begins at home, the Foundation compliments the work of the rotary International Foundation, one of the worlds largest philanthropic organisations.

Created to enhance the charitable works of the Rotary Club of East Nassau, the Foundation provides an opportunity for businesses and individuals to leave a lasting legacy for social improvement.

The ENRC Foundation has been able to award ten (10) grants this past calendar year (2010) to students attending various universities and colleges and also local schools, totaling of over $30,000.

You Can Help!

There are so many needs in our country today, as evidenced by the endless appeals we all receive.

The foundation is funded by donations such as the small amount that is included in the club member's annual dues, the amount each member is encouraged to donate on their birthdays and interest earned on a fixed deposit. We have received miscellaneous donations over the years, but we need much more to continue the work of the Foundation.

One of the other ways we fund the grants is by encouraging the donation of $2,500 towards a Sir Durward Knowles Humanitarian Award.  This is collected and donated by anyone wanting to recognize an individual who exemplifies the same humanitarian traits as Sir Durward has in his life.  Please consider donating in the name of someone you consider a worthy recipient

By supporting the Foundation you can be confident that funds will be applied only to legitimate projects screened by the trustees.

By supporting the Foundation you  know that every dollar given goes directly to charity and not to administrative overheads.