As the Internet continues to grow, unfortunately so do e-mail scams and other forms of Internet fraud targeting Rotarians or abusing Rotary information.

The latest wave of e-mail scams, brought to RI's attention by Rotarians who received messages, includes an e-mailed letter that bogusly claims to be from Euromillion Loteria Español or the UK National Lottery. The scam is especially confusing because it uses the likeness and apparent signature of RI President Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar, though it is signed as "Mr. Brian Hunt" or "Mrs. Emily Simon." The message text usually congratulates the recipient for winning and prize and also might mention that an agent will "facilitate the release of funds" after recipients respond to the e-mail. Visit FraudWatch International Web site to learn more about this type of lottery frauds.

RI is aware of these schemes and encourages Rotarians to be vigilant about deleting any e-mail that appears suspicious. Rotary International does not solicit funds via e-mail, nor does it request that personal information be updated via e-mail or other electronic means.

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