A Letter from our New Rotary Foundation Trustee Chairman

July 2006

Dear friends of The Rotary Foundation:

The Rotary Foundation is a large and successful international organization. Its many accomplishments are achieved through the efforts of individual Rotarians, their clubs, and districts. Our mission statement to achieve world understanding and peace is a lofty goal that can only be achieved through the sustained action and commitment of Rotarians. Each year, the president of RI chooses a theme as an embodiment of the intentions of Rotarians, and the chair of The Rotary Foundation expresses the Foundation's goals.

Goal setting helps us determine our priorities, get organized, make big decisions, and realize our dreams. Goals have a power of their own when they are specific, manageable, and achievable. Goals can provide motivation and foster commitment. Clearly stated goals provide a framework to measure achievement and can be modified to reflect an organization's accomplishments.

As chairman of the Foundation's Board of Trustees for 2006-07, I am pleased to present the goals approved by the Trustees with an aim to achieving increasingly better results in the organization's operations.

All areas of our Foundation's endeavor â¿¢ administration, investments, programs, and so forth â¿¢ are equally important, and we will expend every effort and put every advantage to use for the optimum development of each. However, in order to expedite the work that lies ahead, we have chosen seven goals that will guide us and enable us to Lead the Way in 2006-07.

During 2006-07, The Rotary Foundation will:

1. Focus on the eradication of polio

2. Heighten its profile on the world stage in the field of peace and conflict resolution through its unique partnerships with premier institutions

3. Achieve a worldwide per capita of US$100 in giving to the Annual Programs Fund while establishing a new record for major gifts to the Permanent Fund

4. Collaborate with Rotary International to enhance Rotary's public image

5. Improve grassroots-level training to increase awareness of the Foundation's mission

6. Articulate and implement the future vision of The Rotary Foundation for Rotary's second century of service

7. Strive to administer its programs with speed and simplicity

Thank you in advance for your lasting and generous support of The Rotary Foundation, today and into the future. Let us keep in mind that our Foundation is the best present that we can offer to ensure a shining future for Rotary.


Luis Vicente Giay
The Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair, 2006-07