District Conference to be held April 30 - May 5, 2007 in Grand Cayman.

District Conferences are all about having fun! We learn a bit, we

compare notes - maybe we put a few things right. This year we

have got a fantastic program planned in my home in the

Cayman Islands - and if you have never been, it really is worth a

look. The Carnival spirit of Batabano, dining in the homes of

fellow Rotarians and meeting a great bunch of like-minded

people who all enjoy Rotary..

And there's more. Where else can you shake flippers with a

turtle - even name one with your club name for the release

program, do some diving, check out the parrots, do some duty

free shopping, meet an iguana or two and enjoy the world

famous Seven Mile Beach (Is it the truth? - No it was an

exaggeration by an early pioneer years ago and it has just stuck

ever since).

One thing is for sure - if you have never been to a District Conference - this will be your

first of many. Please arrange to join us. We promise you will enjoy the experience!

Check out all the details, booking and application forms on the web site at


. Spouses and others are very welcome.

Kind regards and best wishes,

Alastair Paterson

District Governor

P.S. Let's persuade all those who have never been to attend this time.

We can have the best conference ever!

ROTARY DISTRICT 7020 Conference - April 30 - May 5, 2007