Notes for August 8, 2014 meeting
The meeting was called to order by President Elmer at 1pm
Invocation: Gary Sweeting gave the blessing on the gathering and the food.
Visiting Rotarians: Ash Henderson welcomed Taran Mackey, IPP of Rotaract of East Nassau and Billy Mills. Many Rotarians brought guests including Bianca Carter, Roz Brown, Jamaal Rolle, Jeff Mitchell, Jean Marc, Mike Lightbourn and Hope Sealey.
Announcements: Amol Pendharkar had a banner from another Rotary club he visited on his vacation to the US. There he met an eye doctor who had worked in the Bahamas and was willing to come back to do another free eye clinics similar to what the club did before. If you are interested in this community service project, get in touch with Amol.
4-Way Test: Was led by Ray Hutchinson, who was inducted as our newest member. Ray is a graduate of our Rotaract Club where he was treasurer. Jonathan Pinder introduced Ray to the club. He works at JP Morgan.
Congratulations to Carol Bischof who was named Rotarian of the Month by President Elmer. Who will be the winner next month?
And the other question that was being asked, "where in the world is Barry?" After some hints from the prez, we found out Barry was in Jamaica, the location of next year's district conference and where the new District Governor comes from.
KellyAnne Huber has joined the renowned band of RCEN sergeants-at-arms and looks like she can hold her own with the boys. After fining her way through the entire club for all manner of indiscretions, she finished with a joke fit for a leader.
Nelson O'Kelley came to the podium to bid the club farewell as he moves on to live in Philadelphia. The president thanked him for his years of dedicated service at the golf tournament and Nelson thanked the club for giving him so many friends.
Awards: The proud PHF recipients were PP Brian Moodie, PP Robert Lotmore, Lee McCoy, Paul Cartwright and Craig Pinder.
IPP Phil Cumming was also given a ceremonial gavel and his past president pin with thanks from the club for his year of service.
Hope Sealey, August 8
Gary Sweeting's Kathleen - August 9
Dave Lakin's Sarah - August 12
Lotmore's Debbie - August 15
Llewellyn & Sandra Burrows - 27 years - August 8
Ash & Iona Henderson - 5 years - 15 August
Dave Lakin - 19 years - August 11
Robin Brownrigg - 31 years - August 15
Guest Speakers: introductions were made by Shana Lee of our speaker Lucas Metropulos, a 21-year old Duke University student who first came to the Bahamas in 2007 and has returned to help,to build a community centre 
on Lewis Street in Grants Town with the help of a Melinda Gates grant that he was able to secure in 2012. Presently his social outreach is in the form of taking kids from the inner city fishing and teaching them about marine science in this hands on way.
Pastor Edmund Dorsett told us his 92-year old mother wanted to help the community she came from and has donated the land to build the community centre. He hopes that they will be able to teach the children social skills and job training so they don't turn to a life of crime because our society is very unforgiving and there are very few avenues open to those who lose their way.
 Valentino 'Scrooge' Brown came to the mic to thank RCEN for their donation of t-shirts which marked the 18th year of his basketball camp. So far he has reached about 700 children but they are presently meeting in his living room but they have now run out of space to run the programmes he wants to do with these inner city kids. They want to get Bahamians doing things that would benefit themselves and make everyone into independent business owners. He hopes the success they are seeing with their programme can be replicated in other over-the-hill communities like Mason's Addition and communities on New Providence.
 Jay Naylor, who confessed to having a degree in Biology said he could relate to Lucas' approach. He thanked our speakers for their inspiring message on behalf of the club.
President Elmer closed the meeting with a toast to Rotary Around the World!