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East Nassau
Nassau Yacht Club
East Bay St
Nassau, N.P.

The monthly Board Meeting of the Rotary Club of East Nassau for 2023-2024 Rotary Year is scheduled for the 4th Thursday monthly. 

The meeting venue to be confirmed monthly is normally a Board member's home, or the Nassau Yacht Club.  The meeting time is normally from 6:30pm to 9:30pm, with attendees encouraged to arrive by 6:00pm for fellowship.   

Club members (including RAD and Rotaract) are always encouraged to attend Board meetings periodically.  This is an opportunity to see the Board in action, learn what happens behind the scenes, and participate/give feedback.  

  • When hosted at a Board member's home, there will be limited space for 3 additonal club members to attend.  These 3 spots go to the first members registered.  Refreshments are provided, therefore kindly inform the Club Secretary of any diet restrictions. The Club Secretary will provide directions after successful registration.  ​
  • When hosted at the Nassau Yacht Club, there is unlimited space for additional club members to attend.  Light beverages are provided. NYC dinner menu is available to attendees at individual cost. 

Registration for the Board meeting is required by the deadline.  Registration normally closes 4 days before the meeting (Sunday of the meeting week).  This is a strict deadline to allow the Board sufficient time to make preprarations for attendees.  

The information above is subject to change.