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Notes for the Axis from RCEN Meeting of December 9, 2022
The meeting was called to order by President Elect Christian shortly after 1pm.  PP Franny ably covered for Mike, who may have been a couple of minutes late.
Invocation / Loyal Toasts:  Stephanie Frith gave an inspiring invocation, and PP Adam ably filled in for Valentino (also a bit tardy) in leading the toast to the King and the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.
Visiting Rotarians: There were no visiting Rotarians or guests, but PE Christian was happy to welcome honorary member Bob MacDonald to the meeting.
Sergeant:  Noting the small but unruly crowd, the aforementioned Mike L. took a different approach, leading members in an effort to rotate their right feet clockwise while making the number 6 with their hands, the results were quite humorous.  He also shared with us several malapropisms uttered by the late John Morley, a pioneer in the real estate industry and long-time Rotarian.  Having extracted $120 from PP Robin, Mike matched that amount and was able to garner $512 in fines despite the smaller audience.
Announcements:  The usual suspects, Mike R and Valentino, gave enthusiastic updates about past and upcoming events, including the BAPD Christmas party (fantastic by all accounts), bell-ringing, the Crisis Center Christmas party, lunch at Ebeneezer, painting and donations at the All Saints Camp, and the final Fox Hill Run of 2022.  Both of these gentlemen are doing a great job in ensuring that RCEN continues to provide great community service, and all members are encouraged to support these important events. Zelpha Davis reminded all that next week will be our Christmas meeting, with fun, games and prizes – please join us in person for the last meeting of 2022!
Royann gave an informative presentation on the RCEN Business Partnerships Committee, which has been brilliantly designed to help RCEN continue to meet Rotary’s mission to connect people and transform communities.  Noting that the efforts described by Mike and Valentino obviously require funding, Royann explained that the aim of this committee is to link RCEN with businesses which want to participate in highly impactful and long-running community projects, providing people, funding and in-kind gifts.  There are two levels of participation, Level 1 which costs $2,500 and Level 2 which costs $5,000, and we are pleased that we have already enlisted our first partner, Glinton, Sweeting, and O’Brien.  The relevant information will be distributed to members, please review and consider potential companies that may be interested in this exciting program.
MEMBER BIRTHDAYS / SPOUSE BIRTHDAYS /WEDDING ANNIVERSARY / JOINED DATE ANNIVERSARY:  PP Mayuri (December 12), Rekell Griffin and John Pinder (both December 14) are celebrating birthdays this week – please remember your contributions to the ENRCCT. Spouse birthdays include David Slatter’s Gilly, Jean Marc Fellay’s Julie, Utha Butler’s Pedro, and Robert Brown’s Linda.  Happy Anniversary greetings are extended to Angela and Jamal Davis (16 years) and Carlton and Tiffany Cartwright (2 years).  Rotary anniversaries are being celebrated by Davin Lakin (13 years) and Roland Knowles (21 years).
Guest Speaker: Zelpha returned to the podium to introduce our guest speaker, Dr. Victor Horsley, a foot and ankle specialist with many years of practicing and teaching medicine.  Despite the serious nature of the topic, “Prevention is Better than a Cure,” Dr. Horsely provided a lively and extremely informative talk focused on diabetes and the serious impact it has on so many Bahamian lives.
Dr. Horsley is working as a consultant with Foot and Ankle International along with Dr. Danny Johnson.  Noting the alarming rate of approximately 1,000 diabetes-related amputations annually in The Bahamas, which cost approximately $100,000 each, this costs our healthcare system close to $100 million per annum. Sadly, nearly 50% of these persons have a second amputation and / or die within five years, and the rate of such amputations is getting worse.  The cost of preventive measures is significantly less, which is why Dr. Horsley is working with Dr. Johnson on a Red Light / Yellow Light / Green Light system of prevention.  Successfully implementing this system with newly-diagnosed diabetics will likely cost the country only $8.5 million per year (worst-case scenario), cut amputations in half within three years and provide a better quality of life for these persons.  The plan is based on solid direction and weekly action plans for patients, providing various measures which will help them to avoid amputation.
Dr. Horsley shared some graphic photos of the damage suffered by diabetics in their limbs and introduced us (several times) to polyneuropathy and a few other complex medical terms.  He also noted the importance of Vitamin B for everyone, not just diabetics, and stressed the need for minimally invasive foot surgery as opposed to amputation.
Having missed the opportunity to lead us in the toast, Valentino was happy to thank Dr. Horsley, noting how the presentation hit home for him as well as many other members who may have family members suffering from diabetes.  PE Christian closed the meeting, but the captivated audience stuck around for a continued lively Q&A session.