Rotaract of East Nassau hosted the meeting.
Call to Order:
President of Rotaract East Nassau, Taran MacKey called the meeting to order.
Ralpha Moxey gave the invocation which was well received.
To our Queen and to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas
Visiting Rotarians:
Several visitors from Nassau Sunrise, Magnal Thompson, Diana Miller and Emerika Robinson.
Honorary Members:
None today
Member Guests:
There were, as usual, a good number of guests introduced, including Karen Smollett, Alan Burrows and Britney Seymour. I didn’t catch them all !
All visitors and guests were welcomed, with warm applause.
None today
Sergeant at Arms:
Jamie Lewis (PP Rotaract) was not surprised by the smattering of applause received on his arrival at the podium.  In response he told some poor jokes which did not encourage any better applause. Various fines were bravely administered including one for Jean-Marc Fellay for being in the paper this week. The SaA left the podium eager to leave the ‘hot seat’  and collect the fines!
Member Birthdays:
Nelson O’Kelley, Sept 28th
Robert Brown, Oct 1st
Partner Birthdays:
Wedding Anniversaries:
Michael and Judy Pinder, 9 years Oct 2nd
Robert and Deborah Lotmore, 21 years Oct 3rd
Kelly Anne Smith – Dollars for Scholars luncheon and fashion show, with raffle, in aid of the Doctors Hospital Dr Meyer Rassin Foundation : Weds Oct 16th at Luciano’s of Chicago, 12 noon to 2.30pm , $75/ticket
Barry Rassin stressed the importance of this foundation having already assisted 35 scholars this year in healthcare careers (60 current medical vacancies at the hospital). Britney, a new graduate, also said a few words of thanks and gave testimony to the value of this support.
Novalette Cambridge continued the message from President Phil of make-ups for Sept. and stressed the deadline of 1st October.
Davin Lakin pushed for helpers on Sat 30th Sept for Thelma Gibson Primary School project to touch up the playground structures including painting and repairing a few benches….
Joanne Smith reminded the meeting of the upcoming Rotary Bed Race for Polio at the Mall at Marathon on 5th Oct and request for any designs for t-shirts.
Geoff Andrews (PP) reminded the meeting of the upcoming Foundation month in November and push for Paul Harris fellowships.
Taran MacKey gave 2 short messages from President Phil re: letter of thanks from Jokobi for scholarship support , and reminder of tickets for sale for the West Nassau 43 years celebration.
New Members:
None today
Speaker for the day:
Puppy Robinson introduced the speaker Gevon Moss from the Downtown Nassau Partnership. His particular speciality is Economics and Political Science.
Nassau is being revitalized downtown to attract both tourists and locals. The intent is also to extend the area in which tourists would visit for the day, prioritizing 10 attractions and things to do in the area. This will be done in conjunction with the Downtown Bar & Restaurant Association.
Phase 1a is Pompey Square which is almost complete including ongoing management and maintenance, and attracting events to be hosted there.
Phase 1b is initiatives downtown for adding planting, street furniture, drainage/sidewalks/litter control, and pedestrian areas.
Phase 2 is for other downtown projects; Phase 3 for transportation and East of East St redevelopment; Phase 4 for Central Park.
Many questions were fielded – main concerns were around the threat of the Carnival cruise company proposal to take visitors to their private island which would seriously impact the economic survival of downtown, and also the need to remove jitney traffic (and pollution), vagrants and crime. The final issue of parking facilities was raised but there are few options available – street metering may be piloted  - and private investment will be needed for any serious car parking solution.
Vote of Thanks:
Puppy Robinson thanked Gevon for the informative presentation.
Final Toast To
Editor John Palmer