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Call to Order
President Corinne called the meeting to order.
Gary Sweeting did the invocation. This was followed by a moment of silence for past Rotarian Alex Knowles who recently passed. Condolences are extended to the Knowles family especially Honorary Member Geoff Knowles, Christian & Karen Knowles and James Knowles.
To the Queen and The Commonwealth of The Bahamas
Rotarian & Rotaract Visitors
Anna Hanson read the visiting Rotarians:
Melanie Halkitis – Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise
Cameron Reckley – Rotaract Club of East Nassau
Candace Russell – Rotary Club of New Providence, Past President Rotaract Club of East Nassau & Interact Club of QC Advisor
Member Guests
Nobody seemed to be paying attention today as President Corinne had to point out guests for members. Hanna Middleton’s dad was in attendance, and Sydney Symonette’s guest was Jane Martin. Candace Russell introduced the Interact Club of Queen’s College advisor, Ms. Knowles, and the members of the club.
Sergeant at Arms
Incoming President Franny announced that this would be his last time as Sergeant. Franny seemed to allocate most of the fines to himself: one for being in the papers for the Sunshine Insurance Marathon, and another for setting the record for the fastest Rotary board meeting ever as last night’s board meeting ended at 9:01PM. Franny apparently goes to bed REALLY early. He also fined all Bahamas Waste shareholders as the company is paying a dividend and he demanded that all of his loyal shareholders put a portion of their future dividends in the pot. JP, Amol, Alexander, Mike & Phil were fined for not having their pins. Lindsey and Jamal were late.
Franny then told some jokes about marriage being a curse. Robert also fed Franny some jokes with one being about someone trying going on a plane in nothing but a trenchcoat and exposing their “stub” instead of their ticket.
Member Birthdays
Make checks payable to: 
Michael Pinder May 28
Ralph Forskin May 30
Zoltan Szasz May 31
Spouses Birthdays
None today
Wedding Anniversaries
None today
Club Anniversaries
Wayde Christie – 1 year Gavin Christie – 10 years
Frank Crothers – 27 years
Corinne announced that the Fishing tournament is on May 24th & 25th. Awards are on June 1st.
JP announced that Changeover will be held on June 29 from 6 – 9PM at the Sailing Club. Price is $30.
Guest Speaker
Today we were supposed to have an Interact Speech Competion, however the Christian Heritage Interact team was MIA. They may have been scared as Interactor Rolan Lightbourne delivered a wonderful speech on the 4-way test and how it impacts us socially and personally. In his view, the most important aspect of the 4 way test is, “Will it build goodwill and better friendships?” Friendships create synergy and this synergy allows us to work towards a common goal. Another highlight of his speech was that by utilizing the 4-way test, we discard malicious attitudes and exhibit compassion and selflessness. He concluded by saying that with an unselfish mindset nations can be built, thus “The birth of a new nation is on the horizon and it’s all because of the 4-way test.”
This one-sided competition led to the winning team, Queen’s College receiving a cheque for $500. Rotaractor Cameron Reckly who is also a toastmaster gave a good review of the speech. The speech was characterized as motivational, inspirational and captivating.
About Me Talks
We had about 20 minutes left before the end of the meeting, so 3 new members gave their about me talks.
Angela Davis is a mother of 1 and is married to Jamal Davis, member of Rotary Club of Nassau. She works with her husband at their law firm where she is the Vice President and Firm Manager. One of her favorite things to do is Netflix and chill to which JP asked if she is sure if she knows what Netflix and chill is. She confirmed that she is Netflix and chilling with her husband. She also likes to garden. She joined Rotary to help out in the community and interact with like minded individuals.
Carla Carey is from Freeport and is 1 of 4 siblings. She graduated from Freeport Anglican High and University of Virginia where she studied accounting. She is a single mother to a 14-year-old daughter who likes to dance. She characterized herself as an over achiever. Carla spent 15 years abroad and moved back 3 years ago. Rotary was a good opportunity to integrate herself in the community.
Jamie Lewis is a tourism entrepreneur whose nametag incorrectly says he works in private banking. He is the owner of Islandz Tours. Jamie went to SAC and studied Philosophy in college. He is a Past President of our Rotaract Club and past community service and fundraising director. After much pressure from members, he joined Rotary for networking and giving back to the community. Jamie also has a baby on the way, due in July.
Final Toast
President Corinne toasted to Barry & Esther & to Rotary around the world. She also toasted to Interact. She told everyone travelling to Hamburg to have a good time.
Editor, Tiffany Smith