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Call to Order:
President Corrine Laville got the meeting started at 1 pm.
There was a moment of silence in honour of the passing of PP George Riviere from the Rotary Club of Abaco.
The invocation was eloquently given by Adam Darville.
President Corrine gave a toast to the Queen and to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas
Visiting Rotarians:
  • Bob Robertson
  • Jim Roberts from the Nassau Club
Honorary Members:
Member Guests:
There were no visiting guests.
Banners for Exchange:
There were no banners for exchange.
Sergeant at Arms:
Michelle Moodie fined Richard for giving her the worst joke book ever and based on the jokes she told he deserved a double fine, although there was a mathematics and Viagra jokes that were kind of funny. Diane, Brock and Constance were fined for being late.
Member Birthdays:
(Make checks payable to:  EAST NASSAU ROTARY CHARITABLE TRUST $2/yr)
  • Adam Darville                                   Jan 14
  • Paul Knowles                                   Jan 15
  • Constance Gibson                          Jan 17
  • George Simon                                 Jan 17
Partner Birthdays:
  • Elaine (Murray Forde)                     Jan 14
  • Oswald & Veronica Moore             Jan 15
Date Joined:
  • J. R. McDonald                                 Jan 13, 2012
  • Michael Lighbourne and Diane de Cardenas were both presented with Paul Harris pins
  • Adrian White reminded the Club that this is the “Season of Rotary”. In addition to the usual Golf and Fishing Tournaments, there is an upcoming Robbie Burns Supper and a Cuban night is planned for February 23, 2019. Group and individual tickets are available. Sponsors would also be appreciated.
  • Lindsey Cancino reminded the Club of the Robbie Burns Supper on January 26. There are a few tables left but you need to book soon.
Speaker for the day:
John Robertson introduced John Cox, the speaker for the day. Mr. Cox is the founder of the Popup Studio (founded in 1989). In 2012 he became the Curator of the National Art Gallery and in 2014 he became the Creative Director at Bahamar where he oversaw the collaboration of over 60 artists on 8,000 items. He also taught art for a year at St. Andrews School.
Mr. Cox presented a series of art pieces from various artists. The first was a piece was a photograph that was over 140 years old by John Conley depicting what island life was like. It showed a lady standing in a studio with palm fronds in the back, a basket on her head and holding another basket with live chickens. The second image showcased the “Its Better in The Bahamas” t-shirt. The image was interesting in that it conjured up an idealistic, nostalgic, romantic feel of The Bahamas. The third image was of Queen Elizabeth visiting the straw market and holding a straw bag. The fourth image was the familiar Eddie Minnis painting of a Poinciana tree in which he idealizes the landscape – there are no cars, waste bins etc. There was a painting by Brent Malone of Junkanoo which showed the evolution of Junkanoo including African images. There was a screen shot taken from a video done by Bahamian artist Janine Antoni which shows her on tight rope with the horizon in the background. There was a photo of John Beadle’s the “Mobile Housing Scheme”. Houses built out of cardboard and built like wheelbarrows.
The last photos were of the artist’s work. The was a piece on the Junkanoo Parade which showed how sophisticated Junkanoo has become. He noted that Junkanoo is now seen as fine art. The second piece is called “Unseen Sculpture”. There was a piece called “I Am Not Afraid to Fight a Perfect Stranger” which was exhibited at the Organization of American States. The final piece was “Go Ask Your Dad”.
The artist was thanked by Lindsey Cancino.
Final Toast
To Barry & Esther Rassin, and to Rotary around the World.
Prepared by:
Rekell Griffin