Call to Order:
President Philip called the meeting to order.
Tanya McCartney gave the invocation which was well received.
To our Queen and to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas
Visiting Rotarians:
Werner Gruner read the list : Carol Kewley and Barry Baxter from Deal in Kent, UK, and Puppy Robinson with Anna Hanson from Rotaract East Nassau.
Honorary Members:
None today
Member Guests:
There were, as usual, a good number of guests introduced, including Robert Paisley, Mike Colbrook, Christie Kemp and Ros Brand. I didn’t catch them all !
All visitors and guests were welcomed, with warm applause.
Carol Kewley visiting from Deal in Kent presented their banner and was very happy to be visiting East Nassau club while on a diving holiday.
Sergeant at Arms:
The seemingly always happy Adam Darville – Past President - was not overwhelmed by the smattering of applause received on his arrival at the podium.  This seemingly led to him  levying a lot of fines….culminating in an extraordinary fine for Barry Rassin. After his cheery introduction of “due to a power cut there is no light at the end of the tunnel” he pinned all his hopes on a joke about the Government and prophylactics … very thin ice. Our SaA left the podium eager to collect the fines!
Member Birthdays:
Kahlil Parker – Sept 3
Partner Birthdays:
Anton Sealey, spouse of Hope Sealey, Sept 3
Wedding Anniversaries:
Jonathan Pinder – announced a night out Saturday Aug 31st organized by our Rotaract Club of East Nassau. The plan is to meet at The Green Parrot at Hurricane Hole on P.I. then leave for the Joker's Wild Comedy Club at Atlantis for the 9:30 pm show.
Diane DeWitt - Rotary Junior Regatta event details:
East Nassau
Sep 28, 2013
Montague Bay
Jason Robertson – awarded 100% attendance pins to Davin Lakin (1yr) and Robin Brownrigg (27yrs) – well done to both.
Elmer Lowe – emphasized the need for all members to complete the ‘home directions’ on the Clubrunner website either directly or through him, and handed out forms to complete for those who could offer practical support and equipment for emergency response if required. Email Elmer if you were not at this meeting but can assist.
Pres. Phil  - 3 messages :
(1) Reminded everyone of the importance of ‘make-ups’ if meetings are not attended. July attendance was only 79% and August estimate is 72%. There are several events and activities ongoing so support these and make-up!
(2) There is a new venue, due to high numbers, for the new members training morning on 31st August  now at Holy Cross Church, Soldier Road.
(3) Chaser for help with selling Red Cross raffle tickets at Mall at Marathon on 31st August – particularly for the 1-3pm slot.
New Members:
Pres. Phil then had great pleasure of inducting 2 new members – Rosalyn Brown (introduced by Jonathan Pinder) and Keith Sands (introduced by Peter Andrews) – and they were warmly welcomed by round of applause as they received their new pins.
Speaker for the day:
Barry Rassin introduced the speakers from the Medical Fitness Center at Blake Road - :  Sharad Johnson - Exercise Specialist, Sasha Ferguson - Exercise Specialist, Donovan Ingraham – Nutritionist, and Virginia Chan.
Barry outlined the ever growing list of facilities and services being provided by Doctors Hospital for the whole spectrum of needs and anti-ageing.
The Fitness Center provides motivation and inspiration to those who join – membership is subject to a health assessment so each individual is aware of their particular needs. The focus is on clinical health and fitness in a proactive manner. Programs are tailored to each person and facilities are available for body analysis and progress measurement. There is also a heated pool and sauna for special treatments.
Most deaths in the Bahamas, around 74%, are due to non-clinical reasons and dietary control is a prime target e.g. we should have 5 servings per day of fruit and fresh vegetables. This will improve lifestyle and promote a longer, healthier life.
The Center also provides a Corporate wellness service for the workplace, with biometric screening for each employee. This effectively leads to higher productivity and reduces lost time and cost of absenteeism.
The overall mission of living longer and living well was obviously well received.
Vote of Thanks:
Nelson O’Kelley thanked the team for the informative presentations and awarded the customary certificates to all.
Final Toast To
Editor John Palmer