Call to Order:
PP Robert Lotmore called the meeting to order.
Moment of Silence
A moment of silence was held in honour of the passing of PP Lindsey’s mother, Connie Cancino and Paul Knowles’ mother, Marita Knowles.
PP Joanne Smith
To The Queen followed by the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, by PP Lindsey Cancino
Rotarian Visitors – Read By PP Joanne Smith
Vernita Spears – Baton Rouge
Honorary Members:
Member Guests:
Dushinka introduced her guest
Adrian introduced his guest, Mactavius Daniels
Sydney introduced her guest, Jane Martin
PP Patrick introduced his guest, Schervonne Johnson
Darron introduced his guest, Valentino Bethel
Hanna introduced her guests, Robert and John visiting from the UK
Guests were warmly welcomed in the customary East Nassau fashion.
Ms. Spears presented a banner for exchange from her Club in Baton Rouge, which is the 4th largest in the world with over 500 members.
Royann presented a banner from the Rotary Club of Sandton in Johannesburg.
Pres. Elect Frannie presented a banner from the Rotary Club of Giza Cosmopolitan in Egypt.
PP Robert Lotmore – 1992-1993
As today is a past President’s meeting, PP Robert Lotmore shared highlights of his year. He indicated that he had a very dynamic board of which 9 members became future Presidents of the Club. He had a difficult start to his year, which saw the havoc wrought by Hurricane “Andrew” and the resignation of several board members. The Club held its first Bed Race in Rawson Square, which was spearheaded by Rick Lowe, who oversaw fundraising. The annual fair at the Eastern Parade and golf tournament were also held. There was a black-tie event in recognition of the Club’s 30-year anniversary. Fundraising totaled $90k and by PP Robert’s extrapolation, equates to $2 million in today’s value.
The Club held the Great Show Debate. The topic was whether RCEN should allow women to become members. After the debate a poll was taken and the nays won in what PP Lotmore described as a rigged voting process.
PP Robert mentioned that in his year he was married and his wife had a baby.
PP Robert hosted every board meeting and was hungover after each one.
There was “a lot more” he could have said to convey how much he thoroughly enjoyed his year.
Sergeant at Arms:
PP Adam Darville our President  for the year 2011-2012, served as Sergeant. He levied the usual fines for tardiness. Also PP Patrick, Adrian and Dushinka received additional fines for arriving late with their guests.
Spouses Birthdays:
Sandra Burrows – 15th June
Ricky and Marlene Fox                    29 years                     16th June 1990
Member Birthdays:
Date Joined Rotary:
Clifford Culmer                                 31 years                     17th June 1988
Ralph Forskin                                               31 years                     17th June 1988
Patrick Rollins                                              22 years                     20th June 1997
District Video Awards – Iona invited members to log their votes as soon as possible
Changeover – Pres. Elect Franny reminded members of the Changeover banquet scheduled for June 29th. Tickets are available at a cost of $30.
Desiray was presented books for reading to children at E. P. Roberts school.
PP Murray Ford – 1990-1991
PP Murray shared details of his year as President. He indicated that he had a very solid board consisting of very distinguished Rotarians. There were various fundraising events held, which included, the annual Golf Tournament, Flying High Circus and the Rotary Train. Fundraising totaled $110k, which was the first time the Club exceeded $100k.
PP Murray had a lecherous grin when he shared that the trapeze artist who performed for the Flying High Circus appeared in The Punch on page 3 and he had to approve her bikini attire beforehand.
Community service included work with the Hopedale Centre where the first of three classrooms was built. Additionally, work was done with Anglican Central Deanery, The National Trust, Drug Action Service, the Cancer Society, the Ranfurly Home and the Fox Hill Run.
The Club chartered its first Interact Club at Queen’s College spearheaded by Gordon Pinder.
PP Murray presided over the official opening at the Cheshire Home.
The Club won an attendance competition against the Kingston Club.
Our Club won the attendance award for our District at 93%.
PP Murray ended by thanking John Robertson for the invitation to serve on his board and Trevor Sunderland for inviting him to serve as Secretary, which sparked his interest in becoming President of the Club.
PP Lindsey Cancino – 1999-2000
PP Lindsey shared that during his year he attended the Rotary International conference in Singapore. Fundraising included the annual Golf Tournament and a Charity Auction (Imagine) and Duck Race. The prize for 1st place in the Duck Race was a new Chevy Blazer. These fundraising events resulted in gross revenue of $240k.
PP Lindsey encouraged new members of the Club to serve on the board as this was one of his most rewarding experiences since being inducted as a member of the Club.
Pres. Corinne presented Royann Dean and Diane Miller with Paul Harris Fellows for their outstanding work during her year as President.
 Final Toast To:
Rotary Around The World – President Corinne
Editor: Warren Rolle